Adam stands to attention for Observe and Report


In a world populated by shit comedians who exploit their fan bases with mediocre, formulaic films (Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler, I’m looking directly at you) Observe and Report is a cinematic hand grenade.

Director Jody Hill mines for comedy gold in such family-friendly areas as: mental illness, date rape, drug addiction and homophobia. What’s more shocking than the subjects is how often Hill hits the Bullseye. Hill originally wanted to cast his cohort Danny Mcbribe in the lead but the studio wouldn’t bite. His second choice, Seth Rogen, gives it all he has got.  Cast hugely against type, Rogen goes nuts as Ronnie Barnhardt, a violent, racist, mentally unstable mall cop who believes it is his calling in life to catch and punish a streaker who is exposing his penis to patrons of the mall. The film never goes where you think it’s headed, which in this day and age borders on a miracle.

“Check out the ass on that guy!”

Hill has created a seriously unlikable protagonist in Ronnie, but his comedic secret is to surround him with peripheral characters that are even more reprehensible. The absolute highlight being the character of Dennis, Dennis is a lisping, bejewelled mall cop played with absolute abandon by Michael Pena. The scene where Dennis confesses his true nature to Ronnie is a jaw dropper and one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen.

The guardians of morality will tell you to stay away from this film; those pricks can go and see the latest Ben Stiller film as punishment. This is one of the best comedies of the decade, and I suggest you check it out immediately – just don’t take your grandmother.

Five Stars.