Adam thinks Iron Man 2 is a bit rusty

File this in the Almost category. Is Robert Downey Jnr still awesome? Check. Is the Action bigger than the original? Check. Has it got two of America’s best actors (Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell) as its villains? Check. With all that said you may be asking yourself why the fuck is this an almost?  It’s an almost, my friend, because of the script.

Rourke loved coming to parties as Jack Sparrow.

Iron Man 2 picks up six months after the events of the first film. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr) has used his iron man armour to achieve world peace. Though his heroics have brought him fame and fortune they have also attracted new adversaries, mainly an unstable Russian scientist named Ivan Venko (Mickey Rourke), who is intent on duplicating Stark’s technology and using it against him.

This movie starts off terrifically, the first action scene between Rourke and Downey Jnr at the Gran prix is a show stopper and worth the price of admission alone. But the film does sag in the middle and the ending (despite all its bells and whistles) is slightly underwhelming. It is a case of overkill.

It was some of its simpler pleasures that made the first Iron man so enjoyable. Now, I am a geek: I was predisposed to like Iron Man even if it starred David Hasselhoff wrapped in tinfoil. But thankfully it was actually a good film. Director Jon Favreau made a great decision in casting Robert Downey Jnr and then an even better one by letting him off the chain, unfortunately the same formula does not work twice. It’s clear that Favreau is in love with his actors, he allows multiple exchanges to be drawn out and lot of them seem improvised; normally with a cast of this calibre this would be a great thing, but we are not talking about an independent comedy, we are talking about a summer blockbuster based on a comic-book. This film should move like lightning, not fit and start; narrative propulsion is another element that made the original so compelling.

Downey Jnr tried to sober up before his big scene.

Due to said improvisation, I’m not sure if my complaints can be levelled at Justin Theroux’s script. I loved his script for Tropic Thunder but maybe he should have had more than one comedy film under his belt before he was given the keys to a massive franchise. Complaints aside, this film does feature extraordinary special effects and Faverau’s handling of action scenes has improved greatly. Is it worth your time? Definitely. Is it the calibre of Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight? Afraid not.

Three Stars