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Adam goes nuts for Toy Story 3


The original Toy Story  was a marvel, an absolute touchstone in film history. Its new technology made it stand apart, but it was its heart and wit that made it tower over the rest of 1995’s family entertainment. Toy Story 2 is unarguably one of the best sequels in film history and actually better than its predecessor. With a pedigree like that, Toy Story 3 had a lot to live up to, don’t worry: it delivers in spades.

Animation studio Pixar has been running on a red-hot streak since its inception and it shows no intention of slowing down. Their original films like Wall-E and The Incredibles are masterpieces, but what is surprising is that they don’t lower the quality when revisiting their older brands, they have respect for their franchises and story always comes first. Toy Story 3 is no exception.   

This film shows Andy all grown up and off to college, this leaves Buzz, Woody and the other toys in a conundrum, do they wait out Andy’s return in the attic or should they go to new owners? The resulting escapades are classic Pixar. If you had any doubts that they were the best movie production house on the planet this film will truly quash them.

Woody was terrified of invisible boxes.

One of the recurring themes of this series is imprisonment and Pixar brings it to the forefront here; this is their prison film, and they load it with suspense, clever references, invention and action. The films inclusion of 3D is truly amazing, adding a clarity and depth to the visuals that is truly beautiful. Is it the best in the series? No, it is still trumped by Toy Story 2, but this film still has more heart and brains (the exception being Inception) than just about anything released in 2010.  One of the year’s best films, irrespective of genre.

Four Stars